High-tech IP Attorneys AEON LAW is a law firm interested in intellectual property. The technology law firm is located in Seattle, Washington. Since 2006, our lawyers have represented individuals, businesses, small and medium enterprises and large multinational corporations throughout Washington and beyond. We focus on helping our clients achieve their business goals by minimizing the risk of litigation and maximize the business opportunity. Training to the dissolution and everything in between, our lawyers are here to help. Philosophy LEGAL ADVICE OF TECHNOLOGY & EN WASHINGTON The advent of Internet, e-commerce and the shift toward a global marketplace have met the ingenuity of companies throughout the state of Washington. Technology has raised the playing field in many ways, and small businesses can now compete on the same stage as multinational corporations. This same technology has affected the practice of law in a similar way in recent years. AEON Act has recognized the opportunity to offer clients benefits of real service quality by combining large firm capacity and experience to small business of creativity, responsiveness and profitability. In order to keep abreast of changes and trends in the law, our company uses on-line legal research and related databases. We emphasize the compatibility of the client company for hardware and software programs and maintain project communications flowing through file transfers and email. We give a high priority in system reliability, accessibility to the network, client confidentiality and profitability. LOCAL ATTORNEYS WHO WORK IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY Although AEON Law Group is based in Seattle, Washington, technology today has become almost meaningless geographical distance. So while most of our business and corporate clients based in Seattle and Washington state, ably represent clients from across the United States and around the world, including Europe, Latin America and the Pacific Rim. BIGGER NOT ALWAYS BETTER In the practice of law, be bigger is not always better. AEON Law Group is small. No internal bureaucracy. Compared with other companies, we have a narrow customer focus and are better equipped to meet the needs of our clients personally in the areas of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and intellectual property transactions. A small business as a law AEON has no organizational hierarchy and can act quickly in response to the needs of a client. All our professionals are experienced in their respective areas. When customers come in contact with us, deal directly with an experienced attorney or an experienced member of our team, not a junior associate attorney or law clerk summer. PERSONAL SERVICE IS IMPORTANT Many law firms tend to be conservative in its form and method of practice and often lack the flexibility and innovation companies today require corporations and associations. Customers to other companies may refer to a file number, not a name, and business emergencies and opportunities sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Certainly not the case with us. We emphasize personal service and efficiency in our practice. Heard immediately return phone calls, what our customers have to say and provide timely legal advice, honest, practical and profitable. EFFECTIVENESS OF THE FUND AND LINE OF HIGH PERFORMANCE GAUGE Our property lawyers, business and intellectual disputes have the business and litigation background and qualifications of lawyers in firms of the great law, but handle client matters without operator and overload rates of larger companies. In other words, we offer our customers a high capacity for firm, small firm efficiency and personal attention. We understand the necessity of a final, and our attorneys appreciate that the practice of law is more than a law degree, a leather briefcase and a business suit. We know that customers expect and deserve to be treated with courtesy, honesty and respect. Our friendly and business litigation attorneys have background and experience in intellectual property, business law and commercial litigation as varied as the clients we serve, we offer companies, businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups doing business in Washington and more there with the perfect combination of capacity, experience and profitability. Practice ? Patents - counseling, patentability searches and risk analysis, application, prosecution, enforcement, litigation and patent licensing ? Trademarks - counseling, clearance searches and risk analysis, recording, TTAB proceedings, enforcement, litigation and licensing ? Copyright law and trade secrets - advice, registration agreements, acquisition, enforcement, litigation and licensing ? Intellectual property transactions - transactions involving patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, technology and software licensing and unfair competition
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SO fueron sus abogados Por Michael Rice | 5 de marzo de 2009 Ayer, en la que estaba buscando a un viejo InterTrust solicitud de de patente. Fue una continuación de una solicitud presentada en tiempos de auge de punto-com de Silicon Valley. InterTrust había entonces, como muchos de nuestros clientes hacen hoy en día, objetivos muy ambiciosos. En este caso, esos objetivos no se materializó y InterT

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