Why TicketTamer? TicketTamer is the easiest way to keep your insurance rates down by fixing your ticket and keeping your record clean. Our experienced attorneys provide high-quality personal service at a fair price. We can even pay your fine for you.   Why Fix Your Ticket? Getting your traffic tickets dropped to non-moving violations keeps your record clean and insurance rates down. Reducing Fake ID, MIP, possession, and other non-traffic tickets to lesser offenses avoids problems with jobs and careers.   What Will TicketTamer Do for Me? We represent you before the court on all matters relating to your ticket(s). Our primary goal is to get your moving violation reduced to a non-moving violation and get you through your ticket as easily and as quickly as possible. Getting your moving violation reduced to a non-moving violation could save you hundreds of dollars a year in higher insurance costs, and keep points off your driving record. Once we have entered on your behalf, you don’t have to worry about appearing in court, or even the court date. We do that for you, including the worrying.:)
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